How to refine chocolate?

Chocolate is a wonderful food that’s ideal for people looking to improve their nutrition. And a smooth melts in your mouth is what we all want.

Refining chocolate is done with the help of a machine that has been specially designed for this purpose. For small chocolate shops like ours, we use melangeur. The melangeur is responsible for grinding and at the same time does the conching. Grinding the chocolate to a certain level of a micron that makes it super smooth when eaten. Blending the chocolate and adding additional ingredients that may be required. We use a melangeur to mix your cacao liquor and sugar together until they are completely combined. The end product is then poured over a filter to ensure unground nibs or sugar is filtered out. Then it’s ready to be tempered or used for other chocolatey treats.

Fine chocolate is one of the most sought-after and expensive commodities in the world. Its “essence” lies in the high-quality cocoa beans, their refinement process, and their proof of authenticity.

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