Where does chocolate come from?

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The world’s favorite chocolate is made from the cacao tree also known as Theobroma cacao. It’s the seed of its fruit that produces your favorite chocolate.

The Theobroma cacao tree is a remarkable species that originated from South America and has been used for food and medicine for centuries. In addition to being an important part of our chocolate industry, Theobroma also boasts antioxidant properties, making it an excellent addition to any recipe that includes chocolate.

The cacao tree is native t many tropical climates around the world. Cacao is the fruit of the cacao tree, a tropical evergreen that grows from 5-10 meters tall. The most important ingredient in chocolate is the fruit in both raw and roasted forms. Both types have a high-fat content and contain antioxidants. It is believed that raw chocolate contains more nutrients than cocoa powder, but when you take into account all of the steps necessary to remove the product from its natural form and make it into a chocolate bar, there may be more lost nutrition than gained.

The process of making chocolate begins with the cacao tree. The fruit is harvested and then fermented, dried, and roasted. This process removes a lot of the nutrients from the original fruit, but it also makes it more palatable for consumption by humans. The final step in making chocolate is grinding up the beans into liquor and molding.

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